About CCR


Create. Create. Relax. is the tangible design studio of John Engelman. I want to make your next thing.



Merch With Heart

From the numerous t-shirts and hats I've worked on, to the 52 page Umphrey's McGee tour program, the 2014 UM calendar, or the album covers, DVD jackets, and collectible pins, my goal is to make something I, as a fan, would want or want to see. I keep that vision alive in all of my work, whether it's for your band merchandise or your growing company. 


What I Offer

While I love working on all of the t-shirts, hoodies, lapel pins, band logos, banners, buttons, magazines, posters, album covers, postcards, fliers, stickers, company logos, restaurant menus, DVD covers, and anything else you can throw at me, I'm not much of a web design guy. I can do a lot of things, but web design from scratch is not one of them. Need a Squarespace (it's what this site is built on) or Tumblr site? No problem. Anything else? Let's just say I "may" or "may not" know "a guy" who can "take care" of this "problem" for you... Got that?


Other Services

I am very proficient custom picture framer, and have been doing so for over 8 years. I love photography, and am interested in advancing my skills much more. I'm also a fan of film and have dreams of shooting a documentary someday. I've been doing abstract art for over 15 years and have a small catalog of pieces I'm very proud of.

If you're interested in any of these things, please get in touch with me via the contact page and mention either Custom Picture Framing, Photography, Film, or Abstract Art in the subject line.

Designing merchandise has its own set of rules and challenges. When it’s an album cover, it has to be timeless. It is going to sit in someone’s collection for years and be available online forever. When it’s a t-shirt, you want it to be the coolest fucking shirt in someone’s closet. You want them to wear it to the bar or their next show – and when they do wear it to the show, you get to see that shirt, out in the wild, on a kid having the time of his life. Merchandise matters to me. It matters to fans. It holds a special place in someone’s heart, and in my heart. It’s their favorite shirt, their favorite album, their favorite moment. It represents the band in parts of the world I’ve never seen, on people I will never meet. That, my friends, is pretty fucking cool. That is why I design merchandise. That feeling, that knowledge. Knowing that somewhere, someone can’t wait to go to the bar on Friday in their favorite shirt...
— John Engelman